Who We Are : The Kentucky Trucking Association 

Founded in 1962, KTA exists to ensure that the public and policy makers have a complete understanding of the trucking industry and the issues that affect them.

The objectives of the Kentucky Trucking Association are to:
  • By membership to the association the members welfare will be promoted by working together as one team, serving together and learning from one another, educating one another, sharing ideas, solving problems, lending helping hands to the end that valuable aid to all for the highway transportation industry and to the public at large so that it may be moved forward and be developed to benefit us all.  
  • Building & fostering relationships of cooperation serving as a united front to solve both political and business issues. 
  • To foster and promote highway transportation safety in the state of Kentucky and elsewhere
  • To address issues together that affect all of us as a whole industry.   
  • To encourage the passage of wise and just laws beneficial to the trucking industry.
  • To improve transportation service by providing leadership knowledge, experience, and assistance to persons and firms engaged in the highway transportation industry and by working with all public officials and interested industry groups.
  • To promote safety on our streets and highways. To promote safety of our drivers.
  • To recognize driver needs
  • To inculcate a high standard of business integrity equity and justice in all who are either directly or indirectly connected with the highway transportation industry to the end that the industry may function with the confidence and respect of the public, as well as the members of the industry. 

The Kentucky Trucking Association is a trade association representing the interests of, and serving as the voice for, Kentucky’s trucking industry. The association is highly visible in its efforts to encourage legislation and regulations that are fair and equitable to the trucking industry and to the public. KTA is governed by a 30 member Board of Directors and led by a 9 member Executive Committee and is also an affiliate of the American Trucking Association.