Small Carrier Training

Safety is important to the success of all trucking companies – regardless of size.
The Infinit-I Basic Program is designed for fleets with 25 drivers or less. It is designed to help small carriers train drivers on CSA and other safety issues, while providing proof of training.
Impact Your Insurance Premiums
While most insurance companies do not give a discount for online training, companies who establish an online training program and safety culture often see reductions in premiums due to improved loss run ratios.
Improved Customer Service & Client Retention
Shippers will not employ carriers to haul freight if they do not have a good safety record. Safety starts with good training and accountability.
Pass FMCSA Audits
If you undergo an FMCSA audit, one of the things evaluated is your company’s training record. Instantly be able to prove you’ve conducted training for all drivers and show your training plan for the rest of the year, too.
Protect Your Company from Punitive Damages
If you are involved in an accident, the plaintiff’s attorney is going to ask about your training program. Sleep easier at a night knowing your online training records are available at the push of a button.
To learn more about the Infinit-I Basic Program, click here.